I have many passions, woodworking and being rather crafty being one of them.

There is something EXTREMELY satisfying taking an old beat up and good for scrap piece of material, clean, prepare it and rebuild it for a different purpose. Back in 2015 I watched a YouTube video of a guy in the states building a wine barrel coffee table. Being from Scotland and one of our most famous exports and markets being whisky, I decided I would build a whisky barrel coffee table for my wife’s 30th birthday present (and for me….).

From then on coupled with my focus of improving myself and the quality I produce in the things I do, I have managed to carve a business out of the hobby and now make and sell one off items to people for their homes, a privileged position to be in.

If you would like a cost from me to produce something for you or a loved one, please get in touch.

The Drinks Cabinet