I am passionate about Boxing, I was a Scottish kid growing up in Spain at one point in my early years of life. Being an introvert and not speaking the language I didn’t make many pals. So I got lost in the world of boxing, fascinated at that point with Tyson, I imagined from 4/5 years old being the baddest man on the planet. Boxing became my friend. Boxing and Drawing.

While I would have loved to have been a boxer growing up, I dont really like getting punched in the face, a key skill a boxer needs.

I there for use my skills and passion for the sport to be involved in some capacity, that capacity being a creative one.

Typically I need a day for an event, if you send me your brief, event details and boxers on the card.

I can produce Main event poster, undercard graphics, matchup graphics, ticket design, event program design among various other promotional graphics to promote your event on social media.