Who I am & what I do

Ive been a creative type since I could hold a pencil to draw or lift a camera to take a picture.

We are the grand sum of every thought, decision and choice we have ever had or made. I have always had great natural technical ability together with creative flair but had no real direction or vision of what I wanted to do with my life.

Over the past 18 years since leaving school without a decent grade or a plan as to what was next, being naturally good with tech, I started a career in IT. Over the next 7 years would travel all over the world working Oil Tankers IT and on board systems. Since 2011/2012, Ive still had a lot of involvement in technology but shifted into more business and marketing areas.

My creativity and technology background, makes me an ideal partner for you and you business, as there is no need to go to multiple people for your design, digital marketing and technology needs.

I have an unrelenting drive to improve myself and life situation. Such a drive allows me to produce quality services and solutions at my own high standards I set myself.

Have a look at some things i do on my site and feel free to connect with me on facebook & Linked In

My Inspiration.

My Goals.

My goals in business is to:

  1. Carry out tasks and jobs for my customers in the most professional way i can and to the highest standard I am capable.
  2. Gain more business through referrals, off the back of what I do for each customer.
  3. Be the go to creative freelancer in Glasgow for all businesses and individuals to use as an extension to thier workforce, or to help compensate for lack of skill which i can provide.
  4. Use a kind & mindful approach to marketing, pricing and communication.

Personal Goals of Mine:

You need not be a millionaire to give back.

I give back to the homeless where and when I can. When I was growing up, the general idea that you were not to help the homeless because they are that way because of drink and drugs and if you give them money they will spend it on the same. My experience has been quite different, everywhere I have been in the world, I have seen the global homeless epidemic everywhere. 99% of the time the PEOPLE I speak with have been victims of mental health and fallen on hard times, been dealt a bad hand or had a poor start to life.

You can do your bit too, (dress smart, they don’t like people with holes in their clothes in begging) go to your local outdoor equipment store and ask for spare or end of line warm clothing or sleeping bags. They will give you something because this day and age don’t want to seem as though they wouldn’t help.

Take the stuff to either a person you see sitting in a door way or to your local homeless shelter who will be pleased to receive it.

Or just buy the poor souls some coffee or a bag of chips. What is £3 or £4 to you?